What length do you prefer a novel to have?

How long do you want novels to be? Ex. 300 pages, 400 pages...

What is your preferred apocalyptic event?

What cataclysmic event which causes the apocalypse do you prefer? Ex. Zombies, robots takes over the world, incurable disease...

What is your preferred post-apocalyptic world?

In what world would you like the novel to take place? Ex. An underground metro (Metro 2033), Wasteland (Dune, Fallout)

What is your preferred post-apocalyptic hero?

What kind of hero would you like to see in this post-apocalyptic world? Ex. The lone wanderer without a goal, A man attempting to seize control of the new world, A man attempting to restore it...

What post-apocalyptic elements do you want in a novel?

What typical elements found in post-apocalyptic novels do you like? Ex. Mutants, Humans gone mad, obsessive cults...

What do you want the focus of a post-apocalyptic novel to be?

What do you want the focus, as in the main narrative action, to regard or include? Ex. Focus on the main protagonist, focus on a group/many people, focus on the world attempting to cope after the apocalypse, focus on setting...

What do you think is most important in a post-apocalyptic novel?

Is there anything else, not mentioned above, that you want to see, or find intriguing, in a post-apocalyptic novel?